Sunday, 17 March 2013


Spent the morning doing repairs to my raft system.  I built it on an old set of hydroponic frames. So it seems a good idea at the time. However the additional weigh of the raft system has resulted in the frames sinking into the ground. The local soil is a very light clay.  Hard as rock and dusty when dry and slippery mud when wet. So any slight moisture and the system collapsed... Bummer.

Still today we  redid the frame supports and added some angle iron to sides and undersides of the  polystyrene raft.  Should be good to go. Unfortunately we lot our stock of plants which as it happens were doing abysmally...

So time to move on. Next crop.  We'll keep recirculating to keep the fish happy.  Should commence reseeding tomorrow.

I'll reset everything back in its rightful place tomorrow and also sort out the seedling table and tidy up the area.  It has all been a bit full on recently and a very hectic time. Finishing the house, Work prospects etc so this has not received priority. Cold beer this evening and start again tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Small upgrade to tidy the place up.

Decided to concrete some of the surrounding area to the tanks and seedling area. Definetely required before the rainy season.  The dusty soil just turns to mud.  Horrible to walk on.  I'll also be doing a pathway between the runs in due course. Thats definately for another day.

Concreting scheduled for later today but maybe delayed till tomorrow.  Depends on having suffucient aggregate. Easy to buy but been busy fixing a water leak... Another story altogether.