Sunday, 17 June 2018

Ghana Ponics Part 3

Sunday.  Day of rest.  Well I got the barrel finished. Now need some gravel and plants.  Followed of course by the fish.  Thinking a few Tilapia.

So tomorrow the gravel. Wash them and get the system started.

And I've got my Arduino organised for starting the system.  I've got the LCD working and can monitor external water and humidity and also water temperature.  Next will be monitoring and controlling water levels, solenoids for adding water, maybe a fish feeder and hopefully before the end of the year some IoT on the go...... Hehehe.... looking forward to this.

Ghana Ponics Part 2

Well I said I would get started when I got back after my holiday. 

So today I got the barrel and checked my bits and pieces. Need to do some cutting to get the ready and get some gravel as a growing medium.  That will be Mondays job....  But I've started again. Here we go.....
Barrel, fittings and old pump plus a very old testing kit......

Monday, 4 June 2018

Ghana Ponics Part 1

On holiday in Thailand. Going back to Accra end of the week. Planning setting up a small Aquaponics barrel style.  Just a little something to keep up the interest while away from home. Actually its more that than.  I want ot use it for trials on my arduino electronics setup as well.  Once he system is working  I an hook up my monitors and measure temperature water levels, moisture content  sunlight etc. The plan is to make it available on the internet using IoT.  All good stuff forth e second half of 2018.

So Robs Barrel system  on youtube looks simple enough.  And me, not Rob, being a cheap Charlie I have collected a few bits and bobs from my store.  Pipework, fittings and an old fish tank pump. I also bought a couple of tank connectors in South Africa a few weeks back.  All I need now is a barrel and some gravel which I'll pick up from work. As I say all real cheap Charlie stuff...

Inspiration can be found here... Rod Aquaponics Channel Youtube

My stuff below.  Should start the build late next week.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Crayfish 23

Been awhile.  But I have a good excusing having been away working in Accra.  Long way from our babies. However all was not lost. For the last 8 months the family have been keeping an eye on them and feeding them etc. So much so they have grown very well.

That said it is difficult to keep asking them to do the hard work. So we cleaned out one tank this afternoon and will throw in the main fish pond and keep a few of the big crays to go on the Barbie this evening.....

We emptied one of the two smaller tanks and I reckon we put about 150 assorted sized crays into the main fish pond next to our house. (see the 2 videos below) We kept 10 big ones for these evenings feast.  They came in at 111.5 grams.  And largest being 22cms long (that's 9 inches to you olds !!!' no jokes....................)

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Crayfish 22

Well another dead prawn and one de-shelled.  We added in some larger pipes (Condos !!!!)  which seem to be getting some use. I since taking the photo have moved them away from the side wall.  Gives them access from both sides which they seem to prefer. Well more of them are using the pipes.

And I've included a photo of our resident frog.  He lives above the clock in the kitchen......

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Crayfish 21

We moved the crays into two tanks from the three. And used the third for some other type of fresh water prawns.  The ones with very long claws.

All good.  A few died but I think this was due to the transportation a few days ago.  I bought them live and planned to put them on the Bar B Q but then once home changed my mine and put them in the tank.. So firstly they survived the journey without water for 15 minutes and three lost their claws in the ensuing entanglements....

Anyway all good as I say. The dead ones were of course grilled and tasted excellent....

Today just missed catching a photo of a cray changing its shell.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Crayfish 20

Been a while. About 2 weeks ago we had one of our three tanks turn a very dark brown/black.  We lost about 20 crays. Happened very quickly.  Matter of hours. So we replaced the eater. Froze the dead crays, well at least the big ones for later consumption and started again. BTW they tasted V Good.....

Then last week I made up a couple of additional filters and pumps. (Forgot to take photos).  But very simple,  old plastic paint tubs, cut hole on side top and bottom and added the filter balls and fabric on top. Connected up a small submersible pump. Good to go. Working very well.  Up to now we had only run the biggest tank with a pump and filter with the other two only getting air stones and occasional change of water. Well now all going well.  We have just been away for 5 days and the water in all three looks great.  Also managed to get Wanna's mum not to over feed them.  I think before she was feeding them like little children constantly adding more.  Not good for crays.

Anyway all good in the land of Siam-Aquaponics.

Till next time.