Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Crayfish Part 1

I know your reaction. Whats this he is up to now ?

Well I was reading about crayfish and decided we would give it a go. Wanna then found a local farm selling crayfish near our place in Ban Muang.  She got excited about it as well. Seems the farm lady, she has been doing crayfish breeding for 3 years. Retired from teaching and now sells starter crays in packs to lots of people like us. She has editable and well as red and blue claw.  (See I know about these already.

Anyway we had a look round her place. All looked simple enough and well organised.  She as mainly small crays from breeding which she sells on. However the biggest in one tank was was about 250 mm long. 2 years old....  That's a long time to wait for a decent meal.

We went last Friday to the farm and chatted away. Very helpful and informative. And agreed to buy 4 pairs of 2 month old crays.  We were excited and stopped on the way home Friday evening buying 4 black plastic bowls for their new homes. Also collected some old plastic water piping from my store for their new "homes" and some garden shade cloth for them to "play"in.  :)

Saturday early morning, saw us back at the farm and we found our crays already prepacked into a polystyrene box complete in chilled and oxygen saturated water, Also in the box was feed sufficient for 1 year. Small packet of food it was to. So I imagine they will not grow to much....

All set for the trip to Rayong. She explained that she exports round the county using this system, so we had a good 12 hours where they would be OK as they are. So they were dormant. Tiny things about 4 centimetres long.

Off we went back to Rayong. Rushed upstairs and got the air pump working, water temperature sorted out and them slowly released them into their new homes. Checked pH of about 8.0.  All OK.

Cray on left of key.  Very small.

More baby's

Review of progress with our house workers.

Slow release.

Not aquaponics but a fun addition to the whole aqua "thing".