Saturday, 12 September 2015

Crayfish Part 2

We've now had our 8 Crayfish since 25th August.  That's 17 days. Not so long but its been interesting to see them make themselves at home. They have some plastic pipes to use as houses and netting to play in !!!   Well we started off with 8 number. Put 2 in each plastic bowl, one male and one female.

They have all molted at least once.  One died I think because it got caught up in the shade/netting cloth we have put in.  It was something for them to play in. It got caught up whilst having a soft shell and no doubt our constant "playing" with them did not help !

In all our excitement to get them in the bowls the other week we did not measure them. We were told when we bought them they were two months old and nominally 2 Inches long. So now nearly 3 months old. And last night we did some measuring and they are nearly all 3 Inches long.

Great. Good growth.  They seem to enjoy the fish/prawn food, raw potato slices and a little veg. Exciting...  Remember at 6 months they mate and should produce lots of babies. Then we will get things up and running.