Friday, 29 April 2016

Crayfish Part 10

Progress.  Just day to day feeding and watching them grow. Its not until you look back a few weeks that you appreciate they do grow !!!!

Big Fellas 1

Big Fella's 2

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Automation and Arduino Part 1

I've ordered an Arduino starter kit. Decided I would try and learn some computing and programming with the main purpose to use it on my next aquaponics system.  Its a small computer/logic controller programmable so can record info and if I get real "techie" I should be able to read results live on line and make adjustments to the system on a remote basis. Big step for someone who has trouble even texting ! Anyway thought I would put this out there.
Started kit should be arriving next week. It really is going to be a slow process to get fully up and running but adding sensors for pH and Temperature records etc should be no big deal. He says..........

Crayfish Part 9 Babies growing

I posted about 3 weeks ago when we first had babies. They do grow slowly.....But since the three weeks has passed not surprisingly the babies are growing. As I say slowly. Last few days they are much easy to spot as they are getting darker shells and in a couple more months we will put them in to join the adults... All very exciting. Wanna took a photo showing some babies and their mother. The backdrop is a net...