Monday, 22 February 2010

Water Testing

Bought myself a pH testing Kit last week from a local aquarium shop. Cost about 9 dollars, so not to expensive. It is a simple kit. You just add drops from the tester bottle into a sample and check on the colour changes against a swatch card.
I've got as electronic tester as well but no batteries and it will need to be calibrated. Easy now I've got this new test kit.
We went away this weekend and I got a friend to feed the fish. This morning when I get back I checked them out. They had lost their usual excitement for food. I gave them the standard amount and they ignored it. In fact they remained at the bottom of the tank. Strange. So chance to use my new tester kit. The tank water was on about 8.0. What to do? I noticed also that the barrel water level is down some what. Will be adding more water tonight when I get back from work and hope things pick up.

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