Saturday, 29 May 2010

Light Reading.......

While waiting somewhat impatiently for my system to get back up to speed I've been following more closely some of the Blogs and info out there on the Web.

Sylvia Bernstein's Page as I am sure any read knows runs a super discussion board site located at And one of the more important posting in Sylvia's site is

She has recently followed this up with a Business site
The Aquaponic Source which I am sure will do well. Wishing her good luck.
In all this reading it is obvious that one of the great things about Aquaponics is its versatility. You can make what you want in your dreams as a system come true. Well almost. It is up to you to make a system that works and for you to enjoy. This is a big difference to building something commercial. Economies of scale always come into play as do far more sophisticated systems and better control. Most backyard type systems seem to have a fair amount of 'tolerance' built in but when going commercial these 'tolerances' are cut right down for efficiency, with the over riding need to make a profit. Not complaining or criticizing. Just an observation which wanted to get down on paper. For now I'm keeping to my simple backyard system. Posting again in next few days on my revived system.

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