Thursday, 12 August 2010

Close To The End....Well For Now...

All good things come to an end or is it that all ends are the start of something new. I believe the latter. As an engineer we are always building something and then moving on. I seem in fact to have been constantly on the move. Well now is no exception.

Time to go to anew project and set up a new aquaponices system. The next one is going to be bigger. Not necessarily better. I have had so much fun with the Barrel Ponics System so a massive thanks to Mr Travis. Without him I would never even ha

ve considered starting out on this path. Thanks.

So one last look at the system before it goes....The sound in the section of me talking underwater is not so clear. Not so surprising I suppose.

So this posting is about closing up out existing system and putting it away till next time. The fish. I know we should be showing the cooking and providing the recipes etc. Not this time here in Thailand. We are returning the fish to the local lake about 50 meters from our place. All on video. We're doing it today as it is the official Queens Birthday here and it seems appropriate to to do now and not in a few days time.

So video of the draining of the system and setting free a few Tilipia!!!

It is in a sense a good thing to move on and start something new building on what we have learnt. A lot for the various aquaponic web sites and again Mr Travis.

Where ever we are next there will be fish and we will be growing.... So mark this spot and come back soon.

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