Friday, 29 July 2011

Restart Of My Aquaponics System

Moved to Gladstone, Australia a few months back. Managed to meet up with Andrew a South African working over here. He had an IBC system which he wanted to sell and so we caught up and looked seriously at buying. Decided reluctantly that it would not fit in our small garden. So turned down a good offer of a system already up and running.
Then a few weeks later I was out and about and was offered a IBC with the top cut off. (I.e. without the top !) for 30$AUD. Could not resist a second change to set up a new system. So now I am the proud owner of a IBC without any system, or place to put it. Just could not resist the potential, possible, maybe, outside chance to build a new system.

For added encouragement. I also got support from AB Aquaponics who kindly send me some drawings of his system. So watch this spot over next few weeks. And I visited the Gladstone Fish Hatchery which breeds Baramundi fingerling's. Should be some available in October. Plenty of time to continue to collect bits and pieces.

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