Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Progress update.

All seems to be going OK.  Just checked the Ph sitting at about 7.2.  Looking very good.  Having a bit of a problem with the siphon in one of the beds. I think following Murray Hallum's advice I'll add an elbow to the outlet and see if it helps things along.

We seeded some Morning Glory which is doing well, Bak Choi and the coriander have yet to sprout. In the smaller tanks we have Thyme and Rosemary and another type of Bak Choi. All doing OK. We did add in some Pawpaw but these may take a bit longer. The two banana plants appear to be OK. Early days for them as any change to their condition will tame a long time to show.

I also added a kilo of small cat fish to my overflow/sump tank. Logic being that some food is spilling over and they will act as cleaners. Wait and see. That's it for today.

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