Friday, 4 January 2013

Swirl Filter

Up to now all going well.  I know "if it's not broke don't fix it".  But I have added a small additional swirl filter and think I have found a very simple way forward.

Got the idea here.

I've go the old 200 litre drum cut in two acting as a filter now but adding a 20 litre internal inverted 'bottle' should help me remove solid waste much more easily and more conveniently. At the moment the 'toilet flush system I use sends the fish crap all over our patio. Not a good long term solution expecially from my wife's point of view....

So look at the photos. The reason the pipe work looks somewhat erratic is because I was using bits form an old system. Pre drilled holes, pipe connections etc never ever line up as you would like.

You can see the inverted plastic bottle. It connects at the bottom of the main tank internally and out through the old pipe connector at the side. Not ideal but should work. I know some people do videos but today I just wanted to get it done!!!

Also we had our first harvest. So all good.

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