Sunday, 6 October 2013


Wonderful trip to UK. One of the real highlights was catching up with David, Fred,Chris and Mario. Fanatic Aquaponic"ists..... Not to sure of the terminology. Anyway we called round and were planning on having 15 minutes looking at their system and going on our way. We have been in numerous email contact with David and so you can imagine our excitement in meeting up and chatting about all this. His system is great. Smart, economical, and he used his air pump both to ingest DO and as the circulating system. I.e. as a lift pump. Wonderful idea. Made our system look cumbersome. Already I've been sketching out the modification required when I get back home in November.Suffice to say the 15 minutes ended up as 2 hours + and a non stop discussion on fish, veggies and general 'stuff'. We had taken along a bottle of wine which was forgotten in the excitement. However we did have time to wash down a  few beers. What can I say it was a great and definitely one the high points of out UK trip. We'll be back, but they to were invited to Thailand so lets see who visits who first... (David thats a hint.... :)  )
Photos below show the system and us having our discussions....

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