Thursday, 23 July 2015

Rayong Aquaponics Part 2 Roof Layout

Still getting the house ready to move into but that does not stop me planning next aquaponics move !!!

Roof photos just to let you see what is available. All looks a bit dull and untidy at this time. Will add phoots when repainted. Planning on white walls to give good light reflection.

Flat tiles concrete roof south facing. Width 5 m and length is 8.5 m.

3 meters of the length is covered with a concrete sheet roof and enclosed with burglar bars.  idea to stop fish being stolen.... :)   

The covered area is the ideal location for positioning the fish tank(s) swirl filter and bio tank and sump etc leaving the open area for growing. Also plan to use the roof top for bar ba q  and sitting area so some careful "land use" planning coming up.

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