Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Crayfish Part 5

Big spend this weekend.  Went out to buy a new tank. Chose a big 800 litre low level one with a white inside. Wonderful to be able to see the Crays. Before I struggled to see them in the black tanks. It took a bit of time for them to settle down and choose their new homes. In fact they a vicious little things. Fighting and very territorial.
Anyway now they are settled.  We got the tank from a road side shop and carried it home in one piece. Lugged it up the stairs and got it positions. Then added the sir stones and a small filter pump we have been using earlier. I still attached the automatic fish feeder. Not sure why as we look at them every day and always give them to much food. And veggies and egg shells and ....
We've had these guys for some time and apparently after  reaching 6 months in age they should start breeding. We'll keep watching.

Just realized in up loading these pictures that Wanna is doing all the work.  How did that happen ?
At the house

Tank Cleaning

On way to new home

Settling in

Each has his/her own condo

Management Checking everything OK...

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