Saturday, 17 June 2017

Crayfish 20

Been a while. About 2 weeks ago we had one of our three tanks turn a very dark brown/black.  We lost about 20 crays. Happened very quickly.  Matter of hours. So we replaced the eater. Froze the dead crays, well at least the big ones for later consumption and started again. BTW they tasted V Good.....

Then last week I made up a couple of additional filters and pumps. (Forgot to take photos).  But very simple,  old plastic paint tubs, cut hole on side top and bottom and added the filter balls and fabric on top. Connected up a small submersible pump. Good to go. Working very well.  Up to now we had only run the biggest tank with a pump and filter with the other two only getting air stones and occasional change of water. Well now all going well.  We have just been away for 5 days and the water in all three looks great.  Also managed to get Wanna's mum not to over feed them.  I think before she was feeding them like little children constantly adding more.  Not good for crays.

Anyway all good in the land of Siam-Aquaponics.

Till next time.

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