Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 Update

I've now been at this Barrel Ponics for about 6 weeks and all going well. I've got the ladder well placed to inspect the filling tank and as you can see also aquired a small light. Thats only 3 Watts but attracts insects which die and fall in the tank. Extra food for the cat fish.

In total when we started there were 20 Tilapia and 10 cat fish. 4 tilapia have died and 2 catfish. However there appear to be only 4 cat fish remaining? I know they can jump out as we put 2 back a few days ago after we found about 5 meters away! However no sign of the missing ones.

The plants have also done well. Better in the barrel on right handside but not so well on the left. I think the left side gets to much sun and is also for some reason  more full of dirt. But the good news is that I see the tomatoe plants are begining to flower so I am optimistic we should get a crop. I've also added in egg plants and
some Thai herbs so will start to see and record progress over the next few months.

One thing that seems to be going very well is the float/flood control. For the leverage system to open the flush, instead of following Travis with using some rollers and a moving wire (could not find any locally) I've used a short piece of plastic piping as a 'rocker' lever, connected it to some old electric wire and cut a grove in it and in the top of the tank where it is positioned. I then for safety put a second piece of wire across the top just to stop it jumping out of position. I have been expecting it to break down but so far so good. It is so simple and I am 'chuffed' to bits about it.

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