Wednesday, 23 December 2009

23rd December 2009 and all that......

Time flies. Last week saw me buying 20 more Tilapia and 10 small Cat fish. They cost 5 Baht each. That's 15 US $ cents each. I bought them at the market on South Road Pattaya. Even got 4 free packets of fish food.

The market has a small stall which sells all manner of fish and an assortment of frogs turtles and various other mammals. Why do they sell them? Well the stall is across from a Wat where people go to pray and make merit. One aspect of making merit is to offer up live fish and mammals. So the stall is a good place to pop into and get my bits.

2 Tilipia have since dies which is a pity but it could be down to stress or some earlier inflicted damage. The remaining ones seem quite happy enough swimming around in the tank.

I've also added some bean seeds and a few additional tomato plants. Whole ssytem seems to be doing OK.

One thing I decide d to do and it was as a result of reading about DO 'dissolved oxygen' in they system was a 'sort of' sprinkler. Easy enough I used a short piece of blue plastic tubing and cut a lot of slits into it. Then placed it at the discharge end of the return water flow. Does it work? I really cannot tell if it has any effect as I do not have any way of checking O2 concentrations in water. It's time for me to sit down and do an internet search and see what's available.

Next target is to add more plants and then once established start learning about fish food quantities and growth patterns etc. So much to learn from this small experiment and so much potential to expand the system and enjoy.

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