Friday, 4 December 2009


This week seems to have been slow and I've been getting home after dark so not ideal to proceed with the project. Working in semi dark is never fun and everything seems to take so much longer. Especially on a project which is supposed to be for fun!  However, we wanted to get on and had been buying the necessary stone, and fitting etc to get it all completed.
So finally by Thursday evening, I could not wait any longer. We decided (royal we) to get on with it. Wanna had today purchased the stone, and some fish and as importantly a few plastic bags of fish pellets. Why wait any longer...
As you know we had completed the fish tank and the grow beds. Remaining to be completed were the flush tank with connecting pipes and syphoning system. I'd left the syphon till last as it was the one bit of the system I was not so sure about. Seemed sensible to get the rest completed and fully understand the syphon.
Good plan as it turned out. The syphon system turned out to be a very, very simple setup. So we cut up the remaining pipes to make the flood system and installed it all on a trial basis. Not a real commission more a 'we've got this far lets give ita go' type of thing. Swithc on adn watch... and wait while it all fills up. And wait...
It works!!!! And it works very well except for the plastic bottle connected to the syphon system. To much over spill.  This clearly has teething problems and overflowed. Not a major problem. As I said it works.
Will need a new bigger bottle, some modification to the leverage system and some adjustment to the water flow. No big deal. I can say that now as I better understand what is happening! Its a success. No worries  etc etc...

So last night we did what we could and then left it all running; complete with the fish which were being kept in circulating water.  For the evening/night I dispenced with the flush unit which I plan to adjust and get fully functional on Satruday when I can give it my full attention. Then once sorted, starts the fun of actually growing "Fish And 2 Veg".

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