Monday, 7 December 2009

Construction Episode 2. And Commencement

We've added in the flush pipes into the grow beds and now all seems complete and all going well. So you can imagine my satisfaction when it all worked so well. We decide following advice to initially not to add vegatables, just fish and let the system 'settle'.
Wanna had yesterday bought some fish. And they appeared to be doing OK and the flood and drain system has up to now, as I write, continued without any short comings. Well I did do some initial changes, as explained earlier, about replacing the water bottle (counter weigh to the flush) as the original one kept overflowing. Hardly a major issue.
We bought two more larger fish at the market on Saturday. These additional ones were big Tilapia 'ready for market' type. Almost dead ready for eating.... We had to rush home with them before they died on us. Which we did, but they must have been pretty stressed. This later was confirmed as they did not like the new environment. Both died yesterday. But the little ones we had put in earlier remain swimming around and seem to be eating what we feed them. Just hope they grow...
We had left it like that, with only fish for a few days and yesterday afternoon after loosing the two big fish  added some vegetables. Wanna for some reason known only to her added some Water Hyacinths and then we also added in some tomato and chili plants. Only thing left for us to do is feed the fish and watch the plants grow.
I think this evening or tomorrow evening depending on time I'll do a short video explaining what we've made and how the system should work. I know, you can check out 'youtube' and you'll find several probably better explanations but I want to do my own!!
So, to summarise its going well and we're happy with the start up and intial progress. We'll keep checking and over the next few weeks after it has had time to settle down and work out the few odds and ends, we'll provide an update. No bugs I hope.

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