Thursday, 16 June 2016

Crayfish Part 11

We've moved up to Ban Muang following my retirement for engineering work at the end of May. We brought the Crayfish up with us. It was a difficult journey as we put them all together in a Polystyrene  Box with just water and an air pump. It was a 7 hour journey and they took some rough and tumbles along the way. Sadly a few small ones died and a few others lost a claw or 2 !

We have now got them set up in our Sala area of the house. Two tanks. The main one with all the Crayfish and a few fish, except for three pregnant Crays which we have separated out into another tank. Now its time to sit back and watch them grow.

Suspended Air Pump.  Air con unit is for us not them !
Taking up valuable floor space !

Relaxing on their "pipe" homes.

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