Thursday, 17 November 2016

Crayfish 15

Just back from Vanuata and Wanna's sister "Bhep" has been looking after them. She's busy son only really has time to feed them and check they do not run out of water. Can't really ask much more from here.

Needless to say however the little guys need an bit of Love and Attention as well. The water needs changing and is has high grown of duck weed. Not sure how I am going to clean all that out as we are off on our travels again in a few weeks.

So watch tomorrow for "clean" Cray Fish pictures.

Oh yes I almost forgot to mention. We got an electric shock from the pump. At first I thought it has go damages or worn out but close inspection showed the wire lead has been cut by the Crays.... Will have to repair and then protect with a plastic water pipe. Amazing just how strong their claws are?  Why would anyone want to bit an electric cable?

So one more job to do.  Quick cable repair.

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