Saturday, 19 November 2016

Crayfish 16

Done.  Cleaned out the system.  We planned to spend a few hours getting this done. Lots of help form Wanna's three year old niece "Ice".

Wanna and I drained each tank and cleaned up them up. Lovely job.  We kept some of the old brackish water to put back as we thought they would life some of the same stuff. But really Cray's are very hardy little creatures. Not a lot seems ot both them.  And they fight. Cut each other up big time. Claws missing etc. No joke!!!

We down sized from 4 tanks to 3. So we used the three newish blue tanks we had down in Rayong.  Got rid of the old concrete mixing tank. Must be honest i never liked it but....

On tidying up we separated the big Crays from medium and small. Hence three tanks....

The big ones. 20 female and 8 male.  Put them in the big tank with some new "condo's".  All very excited about their new homes.  Just bits of old water pipe but, if you had nothing water pipe is fine!!!

The rest of the Crays we did not count. But guessing about 100+ of medium and small. So all good now ot leave with Wanna's sister and Mum while we are away.

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